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Tazaa.com - India's First Meta Search Engine

About Tazaa.com
Tazaa.com was originally introduced as India's First Meta Search Engine in 2000 as it helped to find the most comprehensive and relevant results by searching many search engines simultaneously. Every time you typed in a query to search, Tazaa.com searched and combined the search results of various top search engines to give better and far more superior results than a search engine. It's like searching multiple search engines, all at the same time.

Developed in August 2000, it began with a bright idea and has gone through several progressive moves since its inception as India's First Meta Search Engine under the domain name www.HumHaiIndia.com. Aside from re-launching itself a year later with enhanced features as www.tazaa.com; it has also revamped itself to reflect a new, cool and a young image.

No longer a meta search engine but still Tazaa.com continues its journey of find information which is a relevant and useful and continues to excel in this sector.
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